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About Alex Color Company, Inc.

The Alex Color Company was founded in 1977 by Joe Alex, a Lehigh University alumnus with a bachelor's degree in chemistry. After graduating from Lehigh, Alex worked for Ridgway Color Company, a division of Sinclair and Valentine, and then American Color and Chemical Company and Toms River Chemical Company, an intermediate and dyes manufacturing division of Ciba-Geigy. With his knowledge of organic chemisty, pigments and dyes, Alex began producing organic pigments in 1977 and started to manufacture aqueous pigment dispersions in 1981.

The original dispersions were used in the production of artist tempra/acrylic paints, and dispersions for the rapidly growing water flexo ink market were developed in the following years. As we gained experience in the field of aqueous dispersions, AlexColor developed cost competitive dispersions for water based coatings, both acrylic emulsion and water borne alkyds. As our company's reputation grew, manufacturers of specialty products (landscape mulches, concrete and architectural products, fertilizers, etc.) were added to Alex's ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

Alex Color has been in business for more than 33 years, and during that time we have held true to one simple goal: to providing our customers with the very best value in aqeous pigment dispersions, with service that is second to none.

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